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Another Client Blog

Lisa, Don, and "The Little One" are dutifully plying their talent, resources, brains and brawn toward the revitalization of an old house in Fayetteville. This house has been a multi-family apartment for as long as anyone can remember and the neighbors are thrilled to have it return to single-family. Follow their heroic saga at their project blog, NunkProTunk.

Temple Story

Temple Shalom Aug 16
Since October of '06, we've had the privilege to work with the Temple Shalom of NWA on the design of their new Temple. This project has tremendous significance for Fayetteville. It is the first dedicated home of this Jewish Congregation that has been around Northwest Arkansas for 30 years. It expands the diversity of our community. It has also catalyzed a unique reaction among many faiths.

This project has brought together some unexpected alliances. Fadil Bayyari is a respected general contractor from Springdale, Arkansas. He's also a Muslim man of Palestinian heritage. After a disappointing attempt by the Temple Shalom to buy a house to convert to their worship space, Mr. Bayyari offered his assistance to the Temple if they ever needed help with construction. The congregation accepted the offer and began a search for land. Parkco came into the picture about a year later when we were hired to provide architectural services.

This has been a fascinating project for us. We've learned a tremendous amount about Judaism and Judaic architectural history. More importantly, we've learned about faith, good faith, and good humor.

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