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Safari Update

I am not a good photographer. It's okay, really. As a result, I get a pile of bad photos and maybe a few that look okay. Stephen is much better than I am. Between the two of us, we've amassed 1000+ photos of three houses so far this summer. We're sorting right now, and I hope to have some new images up very soon.

The good news is that the projects we've photographed so far look great. It's always a treat to see our clients at home, moved in and settled, and enjoying themselves.

We'll post an update here when we get more images up. I need to do some reformatting too.

Have Camera. Will Travel.

Next week begins our much-discussed but yet unexecuted project photo safari. With any success, we'll post images of new work. There's a lot out there and we're going to attempt to capture as much as we can.

If you're among our clients, give us a call or email to schedule a time to come photograph your project. Also, if you'd like to follow our safari progress over the next few months, drop us an email. I'll add you to our update list.